US Embassies: An Out-Of-The-Box Entity to assist a small company

The Embassy is definitely an out-of-the-box entity for a small company source. The U . s . States comes with an embassy in nearly every country on the planet. You can check out the Condition Department website for a summary of all of the countries and also the contacts there. My own story in employing a U.S. Embassy was after i had my watch company and purchased permission to have an Elvis watch. I’d observed earlier that lots of retailers offered musical Donald Duck watches, and my research demonstrated these watches were created by Seiko, which owned a patent around the musical some of it. Seiko would be a Japanese based company. I attempted to make contact with them re acquiring permission in order to ask them to result in the movement for me personally using the Elvis tune that people would supply, and that i was ready to visit them in Japan.

It had been a simple stop off for me personally after i visited China where our watches were created. Despite numerous tries to contact Seiko to setup a scheduled appointment, my entreaties were welcomed with silence. So, like a lengthy shot, I contacted the U.S. Embassy in Japan to inquire about assist in through an appointment with Seiko. I had been amazed in their timely response in contacting management at Seiko on my small account. It was rapidly adopted by my getting a warm response from the high Seiko official, asking when I must setup a scheduled appointment to determine them. After I did discover their whereabouts in Japan, I had been ushered into a stylish conference room where 12 Seiko everyone was sitting, waiting to listen to my story. This was a amazing outcome i believe to some simple inquiry. A Small Company guy (although I had been physically taller than everybody) alone with 12 managers of among the largest companies in Japan.

Whenever you consider it, among the missions of the Embassy would be to assist Americans visiting their country. My inquiry would be a rarity and for that reason got their attention. When compared to complex problems they often times encounter, this was a easy good deed to allow them to accomplish. The official request from your American Embassy can transport great weight having a foreign business inside a friendly country.

That old maxim “nothing embarked, nothing acquired” applies here. In my opinion this is because good a resource for any to obtain an summary of a strong you need to sell.

The rear finish for this story is following a extended, cordial meeting, they declined to market me or license me their technology. They did offer to market me their musical clocks, that we in some way believed weren’t good sellers on their behalf.

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