Activities to Release Stress Outside of the Office

When taking time away from the office or on a vacation, we really need to de-stress from our busy everyday lives. For some people, this may mean relaxing in various ways but for other people, they prefer to be placed in a different situation than their everyday lives to get the heart racing doing something completely different.

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Here are a few activities to release stress in different ways.

Musk Ox Hunting

For people who are familiar with hunting back in the USA and don’t find an African safari exhilarating enough, musk ox hunting in the varied landscape of Greenland ticks many boxes. North Safari, a local outfitting company in the region, offers both caribou and musk ox hunting between July and mid-October each year to intrepid souls who don’t fear the wooly beast.

Crossing rivers by dinghy, armed with rifles equipped with scopes and the spirit of the wild, adventurers get to see first hand how they fair against one of the largest animals roaming the Earth. Situated in Kangerlussuaq, not far from the least expensive airport to access in Greenland, booking early is essential during the short hunting season to avoid disappointment.

Go Kart Racing

There is nothing so basic as strapping yourself into a Go Kart, waiting for the flag to drop signifying the start of the race and testing your chops against eager competition. The ground-level karts make it seem like you’re flying along over 100 MPG with the wind whistling past and the racing track almost becoming a blur. You’ll have to hold the correct racing line to maintain a high average rate of speed to win each lap and get the ultimate prize.

Once the race is over, you’ll want to go again. Most racing drivers start with Go Karts because they’re an affordable way to learn how to drive competitively and get used to high-speed races in a competitive setting. When the office has begun to feel boring and uncompetitive, speeding around the track is sure to get your heart racing faster.

Holistic Retreat

Perhaps you’re looking to slow down rather than speed up your rate of activity or you have a few ailments that you’d like treatment for. Either way, a holistic retreat provides natural care for your mind, body and spirit so you can de-stress, detoxify and heal in every way possible.

Depending on the holistic retreat, there may be daily walks in nature, yoga classes, lessons in mindfulness, an optional Paleo raw food diet, access to massages, Reiki energy treatments, and other alternative medicines. You’ll be free to decide what activities suit you at a holistic retreat, so you don’t have to try anything that you’re not comfortable doing.

It doesn’t matter what activity you undertake, as long as it delivers the much-needed relief from stress that you require before heading back into the competitive office life once again. A change of pace and different scenery works wonders to reinvigorate you when you’re feeling like every week seems a bit like the movie, GroundhogDay. Don’t wait too long to take the break if you need it.